Someone to Dance With

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Track List

  1. 1. The Only Lonely Girl
  2. 2. Twilight World
  3. 3. Kingdom For A Dog
  4. 4. Carrion Crow
  5. 5. Lost On You
  6. 6. Family Way
  7. 7. Rocking Stone
  8. 8. I Wish U Heaven
  9. 9. Cherry Blossom Rain
  10. 10. Flower on the Moon

Press Quotes

"If you are looking for some new music that is eccentric & different from what you may be used to hearing… 'Someone to Dance With' is different from the usual music about love & relationships that many artists often record. A unique listening experience." ~ Orcasound, Canada & US

"This album ('Someone to Dance With') is utterly fantastic, I'm completely in love with her voice. There's so much strength in subtleties. And lyrically she's captivating." ~ Radiovista, Canada

"...Her voice is absolutely breathtaking… bring her to New York!" ~ The Fevered Brain of RadioMike, NYC

Album Information

Recorded by D. Galbraith at Wonderlust Studios, East Lothian, Scotland & Toronto, Canada
Additional recording by Calum Malcolm at Wonderlust Studios, E. Lothian, Scotland - incl. drums & bass tracks + acoustic guitar & pre-production on 'Kingdom for a Dog', 'Carrion Crow, 'Rocking Stone' & 'Cherry Blossom Rain'
Mixed by D. Galbraith at Wonderlust Studios, Cornwall, England except: 'Twilight World (the Navigator mix)' - mixed by D. Galbraith at Sunfire Studios , Toronto
Mastered by Ken Tamplin at Tamplin Music Mastering , Costa Mesa , California
'Twilight World' video - directed by Fred Wilmot/Horus Productions with artwork by Storm Gordon
CD artwork by Storm with final layout & design by FUEGO/Friedel Muders

Album Credits

All music by S. Gordon & D. Galbraith / words by S. Gordon except:
'The Only Lonely Girl' - music by D. Galbraith / words by S. Gordon
'Twilight World' - music by D. Galbraith / words by S. Gordon / arrangement by D. Galbraith & Tom McKay
'Rocking Stone' - music by D. Galbraith & David Fotheringham / words by S. Gordon
'I Wish U Heaven' - words & music by Prince Rogers Nelson
All songs published by Wonderlust Music/Hornall Bros. Music Ltd. except 'I Wish U Heaven' - published by Controversy Music/Universal Music Publishing
Produced by David Galbraith & Tom McKay

Storm Gordon - vocals & background vocals
David Galbraith - guitars, piano, keys, synth bass & programming
I-sax - alto & soprano saxophones & flute
Tom McKay - bass guitar, synth bass, guitars & keys
Tony Rabalao - drums
Robin Mason - cello & cello arrangements,
Jerome Godboo - harmonica
Armando Borg - hand-drums & percussion
Dravidian - jews harp & toy phone on 'Family Way'

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