Songs For Birdman

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Track List

  1. 1. Birdman
  2. 2. Moonrope
  3. 3. The Healing
  4. 4. Forbidden Fruit
  5. 5. Finding the Love
  6. 6. Closer to the Sun
  7. 7. Dragonfly
  8. 8. Moonrope II
  9. 9. The Love You Try to Hide
  10. 10. My Only Sky

Press Quotes

"Cosmopolitan singer songwriter… draws from the experiences of a life lived on remote Scottish islands, in European capitals & on the LA club scene, to create a beguiling hybrid of ambient beats, experimental electronics & vocalising rooted in 40's jazz… erotically-charged percolations… this is a luscious piece of work." 
~ Johnny Black, Q Magazine 

"('Songs for Birdman') a curious album... makes great listening."  ~ Flux Magazine, UK 

"...superb Chill-out..." ('Songs for Birdman' - album of the month) ~ Sunday Post, UK 

"Very romantic, blessed with a superb, pure voice…second to none."
~ Caledonia Magazine, UK 

"('Songs for Birdman')...a delightful trip hop-influenced collection of songs... 'Moonrope' has Gordon sounding like a jazz singer while the beats are buzzing round like bees... 'The Healing' circles Gordon's vocals in a Cocteau Twins-like fashion, while the backing is more soulful... 'Forbidden Fruit' is hauntingly sensual & has a faint touch of Björk's latest work..."  ~ Anna Maria Stjärnell, Collected Sounds, US 

Album Information

Recorded & produced by David Galbraith 
& mixed by D. Galbraith & Storm Gordon 
at the Party House, Cowbraehill, Midlothian (Scotland, UK) (tracks 2-9) 
& the Palace of Funk, Gullane, East Lothian (Scotland, UK) (tracks 1 & 10) 

Additional recording & pre-production 
on tracks 3-7 at the Watershed, Kinross (Scotland, UK) with Stevie Christie 
& with Calum Malcolm at Castlesound Studios, Pencaitland (Scotland, UK) 

Final mastering with Calum Malcolm, North Berwick, E. Lothian (Scotland, UK) 

Album Credits

Vocals ~ Storm Gordon 
Instruments & programming ~ David Galbraith 

Additional keyboards & programming: 
Stevie Christie (tracks 3-7) 
Calum Malcolm (tracks 7 & 9) 
DJ Dolphinboy (tracks 2 & 7) 
DJ Pete Smith/Adam 'Pablo' Foster (track 4) 

Additional percussion & drum samples: 
Stevie Christie (tracks 2 & 7) 
James MacIntosh (tracks 2 & 8) 
Neil Sommerville (track 1) 
Drongo (track 8) 

CD illustrated by Anonymous Bosh (aka Storm Gordon) 
photo of Storm by Marc Marnie 

Tracks 1 & 10 written by Galbraith/Gordon 
Track 2 & 8 written by Gordon/Galbraith 
Tracks 3,4,6,7 & 9 written by Galbraith 
Track 5 written by Galbraith/Fotheringham 

All titles published by 
Wonderlust Music/Hornall Bros. Music Ltd

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