Jass / Blues – Los Variants feat. Storm Gordon

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  1. Track List

    1. Stranger in My Own Home Town  
    2. Stone Hooker  
    3. Black Night Is Falling  
    4. Save My Soul  
    5. Che Che Toronto  
    6. Sunnyside (13th Flight Mix)  
    7. Syncofunk  
    8. O Passeio  
    9. Br Transport  

Track Information

Storm Gordon is featured on Track 6 of Vince Maccarone's album with a contemporary reggae version of the 1930 jazz standard "On the Sunny Side of the Street".

Words & music by McHugh/Fields
Wikipedia Article: On The Sunny Side Of The Street

Track Notes

"This track definitely lives up to the Global part! While in Denmark as part of a Johnny Max Band tour, my good friends Storm and Dave (Storm Gordon and David Galbraith) graciously invited me to visit and record at their beautiful home and studio in the Scottish countryside. They had been tinkering with doing reggae versions of jazz standards and that's exactly what we got around to doing after a hearty breakfast...
Note to details types... we recorded on an old drum kit and I used the rack tom as a snare for the cross stick sound. Dave started as the ryhthm guitar player but kept running back and forth so then became the F/T engineer. I took the raw vox/drum tracks back to Canada for further development." - Vince Maccarone
More about this song and the album on vincemaccarone.com

Album Synopsis

Los Variants is the brain child of Vince Maccarone. The name represents Vince's vision of having the many elements or variables of music and of life, connecting outside the confines of strict genre definition. It also pays homage to much admired band, Los Lobos. The Los Variants "bug" symbol was created around fractals and the building blocks of life and how the same patterns appear from molecule to universe. "jass/blues" is based on collaborations. When writing the words and music to the six originals, Vince embraced the "varied" cultural influences of his travels and favorite bands and also the experience of the many musicians he's worked with over the years. In the studio he trusts that the very musical teams he assembles will connect and deliver an evolved adaptation of whatever original vision he was looking for. (In most cases most of the musicians had never met). The songs on "jass/blues" are a testament to musicians creating without a safety net and Vince then working with the surprises and accidents and reshaping the song around them. All nine songs are the result of musicians whom Vince admires, assembled in a recording studio and lending their expertise and flexibility.Student musicians playing along side seasoned veterans, a reggae version of a jazz standard, giving the drum chair to someone else for a tune are just some of the interesting Variants on this recording. Some songs were arranged as they were being recorded, cues coming from behind the drum kit. The song Sunny Side of the Street had the vocals and drums recorded in Scotland while on tour and the rest of the music added in stages back in Canada. Others (Che Che Toronto) were mere jam sessions which were later added to, edited and mixed into this CD version. 

"I had a vision for every song and by the end, that vision was realized in a new way. I really didn't know what it would sound like until the end of the process. There is accidental music on this recording and that is a welcome piece of the Los Variants ethos." 

V. Maccarone

Album Credits

Songs arranged as they were recorded, cues from behind the drum kit.
Sunny Side of the Street, vocals and drums in Scotland rest added in stages back in Canada. 
Che Che Toronto jam sessions added to, edited and mixed into CD version. 
Mucho help during the writing, recording and mixing. 

Accidental music on this recording.
Released 09 February 2013 
Paul Reddick singer, harmonica 
Wayne DeAdder bass, guitars 
John Mays singer 
Rob Gusevs piano, organ 
Kobe Aquaa-Harrison singer, percussion 
Mike Branton guitar 
Lydia Persaud singer 
Storm Gordon singer 
Ted Leonard guitar 
Roger Williams bass 
John Johnson bass clarinet 
Patrick O'Reilly guitar 
Tim O'Reilly acoustic bass 
Nick Doneff pedal steel guitar 
Chris Whiteley guitar 
Claire Doyle singer 
Christopher Plock baritone sax 
Bart Milczarczyk L.H.nylon string guitar 
Dave Kirby guitar 
Alan Zemaitis keyboards 
Paul Ormandy percussion 
Matt Horner piano 
Sean Pincin guitar 
John Findlay guitar, keyboards, composition 
Felicia Wirahardja baritone sax 
Sean O'Connor baritone sax 
Kellie Pederson alto sax 
Leland Whitty tenor sax 
Shamus Currie trombone 
Ania Zarzycki trumpet 
Bill Prouten alto sax 
Neil Brathwaite tenor sax 
Andrew Collins mandolin 
Juan Carlos Medrano congas 
Ryan Milliken marimba 
Barry Romberg drums 
Spencer Murray flute 
Andrew Mullin Kenyan box rattle 
Mike Ardagh spoon n' glass


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