Someone to Dance with (Andre Wahl Mixes)

album covers

Track List

  1. 1. The Only Lonely Girl
  2. 2. Twilight World
  3. 3. Flower on the Moon
  4. 4. Carrion Crow
  5. 5. Lost On You
  6. 6. Family Way
  7. 7. I Wish U Heaven
  8. 8. Kingdom for a Dog
  9. 9. Rocking Stone
  10. 10. Cherry Blossom Rain


Press Quotes

"If you are looking for some new music that is eccentric & different from what you may be used to hearing… 'Someone to Dance With' is different from the usual music about love & relationships that many artists often record. A unique listening experience." ~ Orcasound, Canada & US

"This album ('Someone to Dance With') is utterly fantastic, I'm completely in love with her voice. There's so much strength in subtleties. And lyrically she's captivating." ~ Radiovista, Canada

"...Her voice is absolutely breathtaking… bring her to New York!" ~ The Fevered Brain of RadioMike, NYC

Album Information

Original Canadian release of 'Someone to Dance With' on the Wonderlust label (& since released in Europe on the Hypertension label with alternative mixes & artwork). 

Recorded in East Lothian, Scotland & Toronto, Canada 
& mixed with Andre Wahl on Gabriola Island, Vancouver, B.C


Album Credits


Storm Gordon - vocals/background vox; 
David Galbraith - guitars/keys/synth bass; 
Isax - alto sax/flute/clarinet/woodwind 
Robin Mason - cello 
Tom McKay, bass/guitars/keys; Tony Rabalao, drums; 
Jerome Godboo, harmonicas; Armando Borg: percussion; 
Dravidian, jews harp/toy phone 

Recorded at the Palace of Funk, East Lothian, Scotland 
Final overdubs recorded at Sunfire Studios, Toronto 

All songs by Gordon/Galbraith 

~ except 'Twilight World' by Galbraith/Gordon/McKay 
& 'Rocking Stone' by Gordon/Galbraith/Fotheringham 

Published by: Wonderlust Music/Hornall Bros.Music . 

'I Wish U Heaven' by Prince Rogers Nelson 
Published by Controversy Music/Universal-MCA Music 

Recorded by David Galbraith & Calum Malcolm 

Produced by David Galbraith & Tom McKay 
Mix Engineer: Andre Wahl , Gabriola Island, B.C. 

Mastering: Andy Krehm, Silverbirch, Toronto

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